Practice with purpose




January 21st, 2018

    Our species has been born into this beautiful human form and for the most part, have forgotten who we truly are and why we are here. Caught in a fabricated maze, distracted and blindly confused. 

    Do you ever ask yourself the questions why the fabrication and distraction? Why the control? Reflection upon these questions are necessary because it contributes to the understanding of our responsibility as individuals to delve within and discover who we truly are and why we are actually here. Once you know for sure why our global system is designed the way it is, what its purpose truly is; ambition to shake the fallacy and step up into truth becomes innate. When we understand why we are doing something, the intention is clear; thus allowing focus to be clear pointed, direct and unwavering. It is a honorable choice to ask yourself "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?" yet if there is nothing anchoring you to why the answers to these questions are imperative and actually do matter in the big picture; motivation to stay consistently dedicated to their discovery becomes weak. With all of that being said, the very first and initial question should become "Why has our global society been wrapped within a web of distraction, fabrication and control?" Dig deeper than simply money or power for the 1 per centers ....  I believe that this is a question that most definitely deserves some deep contemplation from every single one of us. There is an answer. To believe that answer, it must be revealed to you from within through disciplined, continued contemplation on the question....remember deeper.... more mind blowing than money and power, for money and power are themselves a distraction designed to draw our attention away from what has been occurring on and off of our beautiful plant Earth our home, Gaia. 

    What I want to focus on today is the bright side. The fact that the sleep is being wiped away from our eyes... the heart is opening and exposing itself blatantly without fear of being broken.... It is beginning to shine! This began as a slow process, yet this clearing and purifying within the global consciousness is gaining its momentum. We are at the very edge. Within this phase and frame within the cyclical cycle of time within which we are currently existing while still in the third dimension, the transition is tilting us into a new place..... into another dimension which is called the fifth. This transition is going to happen whether you believe in it or not, weather you contribute to its smooth transmutation or resist it by not believing in it; the decision has already been made. Things are going to get uncomfortable both internally as well as externally everywhere on this planet. To walk against the grain, we encounter massive resistance from those who want to stay cozy in their comfortable norms and ignorant ways of being. Thankfully today, there are many people who are privy to more effective ways of being along with what proves those ways to be more productive and beneficial in the support of a more authentic, healthy and vibrant global society and home planet, affecting even our solar system and beyond. I have come to believe that these more effective ways of being are exposed to us only through a calm, quiet, positive and receptive mind..... a balanced mind.

    To establish complete balance within is a very beautiful and selfless act for one to maintain. Why? Because when you are balanced within, this means that you are emanating a balanced, high and bright vibration from your energetic systems out into the world around you. In fact, you are changing the molecular structure of the space you exist within including the people and things that share that space with you. If you are calm and balanced, fuelled by love and positivity everything around you will reflect that. This energy is also transferred out into that energetic space where we are all connected. You being beautifully clear is also allowing me to find that place within me again and again and again. YOU are powerful beyond expression! I encourage you to explore your valuable potential.


    Consider how things would change, what our reality would transform into if the vast majority of human beings on our planet exercised their ability to perform the various actions available to us that indeed increased our individual vibration and supported a balanced state of being. This is where we are headed. The battle that exists within all of us, present within the discovery of this balance, is the right of passage and we are all called to take that step into that unknown and uncomfortable place. Disregard  doubt or fear, find comfort in knowing that the discomfort dissipates and leaves behind deeply rooted connections to all that is, while at the same time allowing your wings to open so that you may fly amongst the exhilarating winds of freedom. We need courage and dedication with an understanding of why we want to establish that kind of existence. Again, purpose behind action....intention behind action combined with emotion is powerful! Mindful living is the way forward. Focus is on the PURPOSE, continually awakening and recalibrating back to balance over and over and over again. Calm, receptive, quiet and positive is the method; expressing love and light always to all that is.


    The wisdom tradition involving the practice of yoga is an ancient science which is readily available to us today. What an absolute blessing! I have gracefully been exposed to its teachings which resonate deeply within me. I encourage others to explore any practice that they feel drawn or connected to in earnest intention to discover the balance that exists within the discovery of their truth. To do the internal work, the continual polishing of the mind and heart so that collectively we are brilliant and strong... so that we have collective purpose that is honorable and righteous. To cut right through the web. To release ourselves and be free! We do not become free alone, we become free united, as a whole because we are all connected, WE ARE ALL ONE.  

From my sweet and open heart to yours, Namaste.

Written by Julie Marie

To Be, Or Not To Be? 

January 28th, 2018

    Everything that we choose to ingest into our system whether it is food, words, sounds, our own thoughts.... even the environment and the people which we choose to surround ourselves with creates a tremendous effect upon our experience.

    Dedication to the practice of mindful living requires much discipline today to initiate. Like anything, once a strong foundation and rooting has been established; the maintenance and grand expressions of its possibilities become natural. Fruits begin to grow and ripen.

    We are surrounded by people, places, foods, sounds and activities that will tear away weak instalments of awareness and swoop us into oblivion repetitively. I know this to be fact because I have been that false practitioner observing light, then acting cowardly succumbing to empty lures of worldly pleasures only to become blinded by the darkness once again. To combat (yes I use this word intentionally) and eventually ease these distractions out of our "Aumzone" there are many practices we can invoke. We are blessed with grace. Take a deep look and you can see.

    We awaken to see that we are also surrounded with people, places, foods, sounds and activities that will bring us deep within the embrace of light and love, transforming our real time experience into something exhilarating for the soul and our connection to the Divine Source. It is those little tiny choices that we make every moment that stack one upon the other that decide what the big picture looks like. The choice to meditate first thing in the morning rather than open our phone and social media or go strait to the coffee machine is an example of the little choices I am talking about.

    I know for sure that whom we chose to associate ourselves with is a paramount decision. It is a choice that can distinguish our ease or difficulty within our pursuit of the realization of our lifes purpose. It may even distinguish whether we achieve our purpose this go around or not. This choice contributes to our elation or depression. The person we choose as our partner in this life as well as those whom are our closest friends create something I have read to be called "the circle of influence". Those people that are closest to us will expose us to all sorts of different things and encourage behaviors. The quality of the experiences we are exposed to depends greatly on the individuals we surround ourselves with. If we are not feeling motivated, inspired nor supported and loved by those closest to us; we are simply making choices that are easy and comfortable rather than the kind that generate freedom and a life of meaning. Surround yourself with the people that make you feel alive!

    It is up to every one of us to decide what choice is going to bring the most joy and contribute to our personal evolution so that we may contribute meaningfully and lovingly to our global consciousness and in turn, our society. It has been my experience that the strength to distinguish and choose wisely within this life is found within the seat of meditation and prayer, amongst the physical practices of yoga and pranayama, running, lifting weights, rock climbing, hiking, dancing, star gazing.... anything that takes me out of the constant rambling of my mind and into the peace and vastness of the present moment in nature. This is where the true intelligence lives. So follow your heart and trust the whispers of your truest self.... for you will not be guided falsely into choices that do not serve you if you are connected to your truth.

Be aware of YOU, connect however your soul guides and happy choosing.

Written By Julie Marie